Ways to change product key in Windows 7, 8, 10

Your files and data will be removed quickly and some data might remain recoverable using special software even after Windows 10 has been restored to factory settings. A lot of laptop manufacturers create a "recovery" partition in the Windows install. If you do not wipe all the drive's partitions, the...

Visual Studio Feedback

In Read-Only mode, SFC will only notify the user about the errors in the file system and will not attempt to fix them. The user can later fix those issues on their own, or run the sfc /scannow command again to let SFC fix those problems. This happens because while...

How to fix windows 10 version 1909 update error 0x80080008? Answer 2022

The main functionality is provided in the next export called by the installer, “RatingSetupUI”. This export is responsible for all the command-and-control (C&C) interactions and backdoor capabilities. DeepFreeze by Faronics, although this is not applicable for the samples analysed by Mandiant. If the process name contains “creensaver.”, the backdoor will...

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